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Who is Murt and What's the Big Deal?

Exhibit A, MURT.

Q. Who is Murt and why does he matter?

Murt is a purported "member of the press" who operates in central Florida capturing newsworthy footage of events not adequately covered by the mainstream press. In reality, he is a nosey, lying old man who drives around a defunct newsvan stalking the families of missing children in his area and lying about his connections to these cases. He has groupies; AKA "Murtards" who follow his streaming video and chat obsessively and believe everything he says. He has been banned from most, but not all online crime forums.

Q. What has Murt ever done to you and why do you care?

Murt hasn't done a thing to me except proving himself a dangerous fraud. I like exposing the icky underbelly of corruption, that's all. Don't like it, piss off.

Q. What has Murt done?

That is what we are going to explore, and along the way I will back it up with links and testimonials.

Q. Will this blog be moderated?

I am not a believer in censorship, so (almost) all comments will be welcome, pro and con. What I don't want to hear is "OMG, Whyyyy are you doing this to Murt, I luv him sooooo much, what has he ever done to youuuuuuuuu???? WTFBBQ!". I'll probably leave them though, just to underscore how murtarded you are.

Welcome to Murt's Murtard World.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Getting Important off the Smell of a Dead Baby

Hopefully this is the lowest that Murt will ever sink to, but somehow I have my doubts.

In the last couple of days, Murt has claimed numerous times that he was within 20 feet of the evidence car in the Caylee Anthony case, close enough to smell the scent of decomposition.

Uh huh.

Murt, Murt, Murt.

Did you ever stop to think how utterly unbelievable that is? Shortbusdude69 did, and he drug the ugly truth out screaming into the light like a vampire at dawn:

LOL, busted!

Not only does this lie that you told stretch the bounds of credulity to the breaking point, did you ever stop to think what this claim could do to the case against Casey Anthony? The defense would love to be apprised of your claims.

I wish to god I could know whether Detective Yuri Mellich has contacted you or not. I would give an awful lot to be a fly on the wall.

You will be lucky if you escape prosecution for obstruction of justice.

Who the hell tries to get important off the scent of a dead baby? Do you even think of how your lies define your psychological state? Maybe you are so wrapped up in this that you have forgotten that at the end of the tunnel is the small body of a dead child.

Caylee Anthony doesn't deserve to be treated like this is Jerry Springer. Get some of your clucking groupies to wrestle topless in the mud down at Blanchard Park and you'll have a show. Quit trying to get famous off of these dead children.

The Suicide Hacker

Breaking News, the evening of the 18th Murt committed suicide in front of all his followers and the FBI!

OK, not really.

What really happened?

"Murt was here. The screen went black. We heard things falling. The dogs started barking. His phone rang and he didn’t answer it. We heard something sniffing/breathing in the mic. The sound got muted.. that’s it."

That was the sound of murt-snuffling, as he sniffed his last breath. LOL, not really his last breath.

Murt then had the police called to his house for welfare checks, twice, by two of his beloved disciples. LULZ ensued.

November 18th, 2008 at 8:10 pm edit

"Hello, my name is Mari, otherwise known as IMissThirdGrade on various websites. I’m a former chatter in Murt’s house. I actually loved going there night after night to get the daily updates…sadly, that is gone. Not only has the room grown so big that one can’t even follow along, its filled with nonsensical people…blabbing on about nothing important. You can’t post links for fear of the MOD! Hackers came in and posted genitalia destruction for my 14 year old daughter to see. I won’t carry on about this….anyone who’s been there knows how frustrating it is and how much drama you must endure to find one itty bitty line of intelligent conversation.

Here is what I’m really here to say. I phoned the police today for a welfare check on Murt. Now mind you, this was difficult for me to do…I felt like I might come across as crazy. I was aware of the moderator (A_News_Junkie) demanding that no one call him OR call the police; that she’d take care of it. Then I was told she kept scrolling this in the chat room….meanwhile, precious minutes are just flying by. I got a little scared, to be honest. I thought for sure something must be wrong if he’s not answering his phone and his own Mod Patrol can’t find him. So I called.

I waited and waited….no news. So I called them back and was told “two deputies on location now”. Whew! Thank God, right? Then we see that NewsJunkie sent a friend of a friend(an hour after the incident) and he’s on site.

So I called the police back…the gal asked if I wanted to speak to the deputy on-scene. I said yes and then had to give my FULL name and phone number…something I didn’t want to do but I’m tripping out here, right?

Deputy Miller phoned me back. Actually, to be very accurate for you detailed news hounds - that gal at the station called me back and connected me to Deputy Miller. He had already left Murt’s house…a while ago.

He told me Murt was ‘rambling about hackers…kept going on…” So then I said “well, yeah…I think he was hacked a week ago” Deputy Miller says to me “he admitted to faking a suicide so the hackers would leave him alone and promised he would be back on by 8pm to tell everyone it was a joke….he’s just playing an internet joke”

Now….I was shaking. I couldn’t even move from my chair.

There was NO FBI at Murt’s house. There never will be, either.

I don’t believe this is the last visit by LE Murt will get. I just know that I, personally, am done with this.

No matter how many times we may all google him, or watch you-tubes, or laugh at his eating, a part of me, like most maybe, thought he was just an old simple-minded guy — not a threat to anyone.

Crazy is not a word for him. I don’t know what the diagnosis should be, just I don’t want to be on the hurtin’ end of it."

Murt, I am so disappointed in you. Your followers CARE about you and you up and do this to them. Even me, I was freaking out because I was sure these stalkers you kept talking about had broken into your house (hence the sound of the broken dishes) and hurt you..."

A conversation with police a couple of day's later by someone on websleuths suspicious of Murt's antics follows:

" OK. I've just got off the phone with Lake County Sheriffs Department. A blow by blow account.

Called LCSD at 1 352 343 9501. Asked for the records department. Was transferred immediately. I talked to Carolyna, she was very nice and professional.

There is NO incident report, but there is a record of 2 service calls for wellness checks for his address on the evening of the 18th. The record #'s are:

Incident # 08194468

2 minutes later, another call.

Incident # 08194466

There is no incident report OR case number for any hacking complaints. Murt has never made a complaint, just the two calls on the 18th, I would assume from the subscribers we are hearing about.

She offered copies of the service calls but there IS no incident report.

I asked if it is possible that OCSO would handle ANY complaints from Lake County, she said no.

Again, there is NO "hacking" case or records of any complaints from Murt. Make of that what you will.

If anyone else wants to call and verify what I am saying you will have to dig up Murt's name and address on your own. They will want the address."

LOL, somebody actually called to check up on this tardfest package of lies! How droll.

Anyway, the police came and left and Murt was fine. He assured his followers that there WAS no suicide, that he pretended to commit suicide in order to flush hackers out and did it in front of the FBI. Hackers he was currently communicating with via AIM. HUH, you say?

I'll repeat: He assured his followers that there WAS no suicide, that he pretended to commit suicide in order to flush hackers out and did it in front of the FBI.

Yes, that is exactly what happened. His 15 year old mods are fooling him and his murtards into believing that the chat client is constantly being hacked, that they are sending donations to a fraudulent paypal address, and that the feds are on it like stink on shit.

The FBI is always standing by to lend a hand.

Murt has stated numerous times over the past couple of weeks that he had an ongoing investigation with Lake County police and the FBI, due to his hacked AIM and photobucket accounts. The above quote proves him a liar as far as the local police go. As far as the FBI, well... we know the feds are all into standing by while one fakes a suicide due to a hacked AIM account.

Speaking of that AIM account, how is it that he could be chatting with the hackers if the account was hacked??


Murt himself later "accidentally" revealed the truth in an unmuted phone call:

"if I end up deciding to do it I’m going to show a financial loss because of this and now it moves it up to a felony so when they’re interfering with me and interstate commerce it gets more serious least that’s the way the lake county police explained it to me so that’s what I’m going to do now you know and

No I work with lake county they just they’re just watching and doing you know it’s one of the things they do and when they started getting the well being checks they got here like flies on you know what because they know me and they know the situation and they were really worried they weren’t too happy with the little stunt I pulled but I told them why I did it
It was not supposed to nobody on the system was supposed to know about it but it just every body reacted and it was just unfortunate but it just didn’t turn out right

Yeah well that’s what I was trying to do and the unfortunate thing about it is you know people care so much about what happens to me that they just reacted badly to it I just threw me for a loop."

IF he decides to do it? What, call the police? Yeah, I thought so. The financial "loss" amount keeps going up and up as well, up to a current loss of $75,000 at last check. Sorry, but if you can lose that amount of money in less than 2 weeks you don't need donations. Also, has anyone *EVER* seen murt go to work?

So who are these hackers according to Murt? Well, that depends on who he's pissed at. I've heard Lee Anthony, shortbusdude69, Monoxide, Princess, blah blah blah. One of these people has something to say about it:

I just love him. We'll hear more from him later.

The Case Against Murt, Trenton Duckett.

Murt and the connection to the Duckett's .

Murt slouched his way into the media, the public eye, and online forums with his insertion into the Trenton Duckett case. He began innocuously enough, by writing about his speculations in various online forums. This soon devolved into his broad hints of inside knowledge, via an open letter to Trent's supposed abductor.

Exhibit A.-

"To Trenton's caretaker
Hello my friend:
I now know why Melinda trusted you to take care of Trenton.
I know that you are monitering the discussion forums.
You know time is running out.
Listen to your soul mate. Things are going to work out.
It is time to return Trenton to his family.
Take Trenton to the larger hospital or take Trenton to the fire station on the main road near your place.
Do it now.
Do it while you still can.
If you need help, contact me. You know how.


The board linked above is following the discussion in real time as it occurs at CTV forums, unfortunately that board is now closed and so the link is dead. However,

Exhibit B-
A local news outlet got wind of this deception, as did Trenton's family. To Murt's surprise, the police and media showed up on his doorstep to get the scoop.

Pig. Imagine the family collectively holding their breaths because some old guy is failing so hard at life he has to make himself important in an online forum by making shit up.

Murt also ran countdown banners on two different occasions to events in Trenton's case that he wouldn't detail.

He obsessively stalked and harassed the Duckett's.

Exhibit C- He went to local events and took pictures of total strangers, implying that they were connected to the case. His photobucket account is full of them, very weird stalkerish behavior:

Any comments concerning his behavior in the Duckett case are welcome.